Dance Through Life is a true labor of love for Kevin and myself as well all of the dancers who participated. What started as a simple dance shoot two years ago has blossomed into a book that speaks to non-dancers and dancers alike as it depicts our common humanity. All of the dancers donated many hours to rein-vision dance as a more accessible art form in Toronto. Profits from this project will go towards various youth dance initiatives in the greater Toronto area where the money is desperately needed to support emerging dance artists. Dance Through Life is a photograph project dedicated to capture the Art of Dance within the parameters of everyday life. The project hopes to capture the innate relationships between dance and everyday life. Images of dance performed in non-traditional locales hopefully demystifying dance as being inaccessible and drawing the obvious metaphor that while all can not express life with such movement and physicality, we all love and move with our own signature grace. Therefore we all dance!

Copyright 2008

Dance Through Life

Christopher Cushman & Kevin A. Ormsby

"A superb collection of Photographs By Christopher Cushman with text from Kevin A. Ormsby, captures dancers doing unbelievable things in the air, on the street and on the rooftops of Toronto…."



Susan Walker/ Toronto Star 

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